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| Last Updated::30/04/2024

Major Activity


Celebration of World Earth Day on 24 April & 29 April 2024

The World Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22 April with goal to increase public awareness of urgent environmental problems such pollution, deforestation, climate change, and biodiversity loss. It inspires people, groups, and governments to consider how they affect the environment and take steps to lessen harmful impacts. On April 22, people throughout the world promote the adoption of sustainable practices in their daily lives, such as reducing back on energy use, water conservation, minimizing waste and support for eco-friendly products and initiatives. These small individual actions, when multiplied across communities, can have a significant positive impact on the environment.

To celebarte this World Earth Day, EIACP Programme Centre at Wildlife Institute of India organized various activities on this year theme Planet Vs. Plastic to raise mass awareness amongst young generation.

1) Poster Making Contest
2) Essay Writing Contest
3) Cleanliness Drive
4) Mission LiFE Pledge


Winners of Poster Making Contest:

1) First Prize: Avish Kumar
2) Second Prize: Shanvi Madhwal
3) Third Prize: Ananya Bhardwaj

Appreciation Prizes: Swati Bhatt, Akshita Saklani, Paridhi


Winners of Essay Writing Contest:

1) First Prize: Aaditi Singh
2) Second Prize: Anuradha Rajput
3) Third Prize: Kaushiki Gaur

Appreciation Prizes: Priyanshi Parihar, Jiya Rana, Lakshya Saini



Glimpses of Poster Making Contest on 24 April 2024 at Galaxian International School, Dehardun



Glimpses of Cleanliness Drive at Galaxian International School, Dehradun on 29 April 2024


Distribution of prizes to the winners of Poster Making Contest


Distribution of prizes to the winners of Essay Writing Contest