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| Last Updated::06/10/2023

Major Activity


National Wildlife Week 02 - 08 October 2023

National Wildlife Week is held from October 2 to October 8 every year to spread the message of protecting and preserving India's flora and fauna. The theme for this year is "Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation," which was inspired by the UN World Wildlife Day theme for 2023.

It honors the people and organizations doing great things for wildlife conservation.The week-long celebrations will emphasize the idea that partnerships and collaborations are crucial elements of successful wildlife preservation. They are intended to promote inclusivity and collaborative action in the field of conservation.

To celebrate the National Wildlife Week this year EIACP Programme Centre - Resource Partner 'Wildlife and Protected Areas', Wildlife Institute of India Dehradun is organizing Photography Contest on the theme "Whispers of The Wild: Tales in Photography"


For more details read attached contest flyer or scan QR Code.