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| Last Updated:24/05/2024

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Birdwatching Camp at Nakshatra Nature Park, Silvassa 25 September 2017

WII-ENVIS Centre on Wildlife & Protected Areas in collaboration with Voluntary Nature Conservancy, Anand and Smt. Devkiba Mohansinhji Chauhan College of Science & Commerce, Silvassa conducted a birdwatching camp as primer for the Green Skills Development Program initiative. About 25 students and 2 faculties from the college took part in the initiative. Students were apprised about the basics of bird watching and the benefits of the activity for nature conservation, sciences as well as human health.

Students were taught bird observation, bird behaviour types, habitat characteristics, and conservation values of different groups of birds during the camp.  Students also developed a check list of all the birds seen during the camp while outlining their distinguishing characters to easily identify them in the field.