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Call for papers from the 8th Biennial Conference of the Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE) on urbanization and the environment



The 8th Biennial Conference of the Indian Society for Ecological

Economics (INSEE)





Hosted by

Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore



16th -18th December 2015



Rapid urbanization and industrialization-led economic growth are the quintessential features of developing country landscapes, particularly in South Asia. Urbanization brings about dramatic changes in local environments, occupying land and water bodies, creating air pollution and heat island effects.  It places demands on regional resources such as water and agriculture. Urban areas and industry dump their solid waste and effluents onto peri-urban areas, remote islands or deep beneath the oceans. The growth of industry, which promises and at times provides more jobs, legitimizes this demand for resources, the creation of new slums and gentrified spaces, different gender relationships, lifestyle changes and health impacts.  Urban lifestyles also set the benchmark to which others aspire, and therefore the ecological footprint they will generate.


INSEE, an association of professionals interested in issues at the interface of ecology, economy, and society, invites submissions of original papers and panels of papers addressing these concerns at its 8th Biennial Conference, which focuses on “Urbanization and the Environment”.


Analyses of gaps in current challenges as well as of possible ways towards more sustainable and equitable urbanization are welcome. Contributions from different interdisciplinary perspectives  (e.g.,  ecological  and  environmental  economics, geography, political ecology, gender-environment studies, environmental governance, ecology, water and wastewater management, energy studies) are invited.   Scholars include academics, students, environmental and social activists, policy-makers, entrepreneurs and bureaucrats: anyone engaged in rigorously exploring questions, conducting analysis and deriving lessons on these issues.


The Conference will be held at the Indian Institute of Science in the city of Bengaluru between 16th-18th December 2015. Bengaluru, once known as India’s garden city, is one of the world’s most rapidly expanding metropolises, and a microcosm of the socio- environmental challenges and responses that urbanization and industrialization engenders.


We invite papers and panel proposals on the following sub-themes:


  • Urbanisation, Industrialization and Climate change
  • Culture, Consumption and Sustainability of Cities
  • Urban Commons, Institutions and Movements
  • Urban Environmental Governance and Technology
  • Urban-Rural Environmental and Resource linkages
  • Urban Water: from Source to Disposal
  • Air Pollution, Solid Waste and Human health
  • Urban Ecologies, Biodiversity
  • Rural in the Urban: Agriculture in Cities


Kindly note the following dates:


Abstract submission (for papers and panel proposals)                             - 30th June 2015

Communication about selection of abstracts/proposals                            - 20st July 2015

Submission of final paper or full panel (as per INSEE format)                   - 2nd October 2015

Communication about selection of paper/panel                                        - 1st November 2015


Abstracts or panel proposals should be less than 400 words, and should be sent to Please indicate the sub-theme for which the abstract/proposal is being submitted. A limited number of travel grants will be available for some of the authors whose full papers are accepted for presentation in the Conference.


Registration dates, forms and other details will be announced soon on our website