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| Last Updated:: 13/10/2014

Threatened Marine Species of India


(Photo Credit: ZSI Port Blair)

Leatherback Sea Turtle
The Leatherback Sea Turtle, sometimes called the lute turtle, is the largest of all living turtles. The leatherback turtle is a species with a cosmopolitan global range, reaching as far north as Alaska and Norway and as far south as Cape Agulhas in Africa and the southernmost tip of New Zealand.The leatherback is found in all tropical and subtropicaloceans, and its range extends well into the Arctic Circle.Leatherback turtles can be found primarily in the open ocean. Leatherbacks feed on jellyfish prey throughout the day, preferring deeper water in the daytime and shallower water at night.

(Photo Credit: ZSI Port Blair)


Nautilus,from Greek word meaning sailor are pelagic marine mollusks. Nautiluses are only found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean inhabiting deep slopes of coral reefs reaching depth of several hundred meters. The lifespan of nautiluses may exceed 20 years, which is exceptionally lengthy for a cephalopod.Nautiluses are scavengers and opportunistic predators. They eat molts of lobsters, hermit crabs, and carrion of any kind.