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| Last Updated:: 27/06/2019

Important Days - National and International




February 2

World Wetlands Day

February 27

International Polar Bear Day

February 28

National Science Day


March 3

World Wildlife Day

March 14

International Day of Action for Rivers

March 20

World Sparrow Day

March 21

World Forestry Day, World Planting Day, World Wood Day

March 22

World Water & Sanitation Day

March 23

World Meteorological Day, World Resources Day


April 7

World Health Day

April 10

World Atmosphere Day

April 18

World Heritage Day

April 22

World Earth Day


May 3

International Energy Day

May 8

World Migratory Bird Day

May 11

National Technology Day

May 14

Endemic Bird Day

May 22

World Biodiversity Day

May 23

World Turtle Day


June 5

World Environment Day

June 8

World Ocean Day

June 9

Coral Triangle Day

June 15

Global Wind Day

June 17

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought


July 1 – July 7

Van Mahotsav Saptah

July 3

World Seabird Day

July 11

World Population Day

July 26

International Mangrove Day

July 29

International Tiger Day


August 10

World Lion Day

August 12

World Elephant Day

August 22

Honey Bee Day


September 8

World Cleanup Day

September 16

World Ozone Day

September 18

World Water Monitoring Day

September 21

Zero Emissions Day

September 26

World Environmental Health Day


October 1 – Oct 7

Wildlife Week

October 3

World Nature Day, World Habitat Day

October 4

World Animal Day

October 6

World Wildlife Day

October 24

International Day of Climate Action


November 6

International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

November 12

World Birds Day

November 14

World Energy Conservation Day


December 5

World Soil Day

December 11

International Mountain Day

December 14

National Energy Conservation Day