Diwali, the festival of light, is round the corner. Entire country would light up on the day and celebrate the victory of good over evil. However, the festival is also marked by indiscriminate bursting of fire crackers which not only cause severe air and noise pollution but also lead to many cases of burns and injuries during the celebrations. These fire crackers also create nuisance for old people, new born babies, birds and animals besides generating huge quantities of solid waste which clogs our public drainage systems.


We at Wildlife Institute of India- ENVIS Centre on Wildlife and Protected Areas request you to GO GREEN this Diwali to reduce your carbon footprint and cherish the spirit of the festival for generations to come.


Ways to GO GREEN

  •  Best way is to say NO to fire crackers: refrain from wasting your hard-earned money on bursting crackers esp. those which make lot of sound and scare the animals.
  • USE environment-friendly crackers which produce less smoke and more light.
  • ALWAYS direct the crackers away from the trees where the birds might be resting at night.
  • TAKE CARE of your pet animals during the Diwali night and also DO NOT burst any cracker near the stray animals.
  • REDUCE the use of candles and electrical lamps and SAVE electricity as most of the electricity is generated from burning of coal.
  • BRING home the metal idols of gods: the clay or Plaster of Paris idols available in the markets are made using toxic chemicals and usually find their way into the rivers/ponds.
  • DO NOT throw the waste into rivers and ponds.


We wish all of you a Happy Diwali and request you to be a responsible citizen.