October 2-8, 2010. The Wildlife Week was celebrated at the Institute. The main aim of the Wildlife Week was to make the younger generation aware about the importance of wildlife. It was aimed to motivate them to know how they can help in protecting the animals and birds. The following activities were organized by the Institute during the Wildlife Week: (i) Drawing Competition was organized on October 4, 2010 in which 80students from five schools i.e. Raja Ram Mohan Roy Academy, Constancia School, Hilton's School, St. Jude's School and Lovedale Academy from Dehradun participated. There were three groups of participating students for the Drawing Competition. Different themes were given to the students for the competition, such as 'My Favourite Animal' for classes III-V; 'Forest & Wildlife' for VI-VII; and 'Tiger Conservation' for VIII-IX. (ii) A talk was delivered by Dr. Parag Nigam on 'Healthy Ecosystem, Healthy World'. Dr. Nigam told the students about the present conditions of the ecosystems, future problems &strategies to deal with the challenges. A total of 100 students and teachers listened the talk. Raja Ram Mohan Roy Academy, Dehradun has sent additional 15 students especially for the talk. (iii) The nature trail visit was conducted by Shri M.M. Babu for30 students of St. Mary's School on October 7, 2010. He briefed the students about different plants found around the nature trail, their identification methods, their scientific names, uses and importance. (iv) After the visit, a quiz competition was conducted for the students. Four groups comprising five students each participated in the quiz. The quiz was conducted by Ms. Manjari Malviya. The winning teams received the prizes. (v) A talk was delivered by Shri M.M. Babu on October 8, 2010 at Lovedale Academy.