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| Last Updated:: 05/07/2017

Uttar Pradesh

Protected Area Gazette Notification Database (Uttar Pradesh)


National Park

S.No. Name of Protected Area Gazette
1 Dudhwa NP PDF


Wildlife Sanctuary

S.No. Name of Protected Area Gazette
1 Bakhira WLS PDF
2 Chandraprabha WLS PDF
3 Hastinapur WLS PDF
4 Kaimur WLS  PDF
5 Katerniaghat WLS  PDF
6 Kishanpur WLS PDF
7 Lakh Bahosi WLS PDF
8 Mahavir Swami WLS  PDF
9 National Chambal WLS  PDF
10 Nawabganj WLS PDF
11 Okhala WLS  PDF
12 Parvati Aranga WLS PDF
13 Patna WLS  PDF
14 Ranipur WLS  PDF
15 Saman WLS  PDF
16 Samaspur WLS PDF
17 Sandi WLS  PDF
18 Sohagibarwa WLS PDF
19 Sohelwa WLS  PDF
20 Sur Sarovar WLS PDF
21 Surha Tal WLS PDF
22 Turtle WLS PDF
23 Vijai Sagar WLS PDF