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| Last Updated:: 05/07/2017


Protected Area Gazette Notification Database (Orissa)


National Park  

S.No. Name of Protected Area Gazette
1 Bhitarkanika NP     PDF
2 Simlipal NP  PDF


Wildlife Sanctuary  

S.No. Name of Protected Area Gazette
1 Badrama WLS              PDF
2 Baisipalli WLS PDF
3 Balukhand Konark WLS     PDF
4 Bhitarkanika WLS    PDF
5 Chandaka Dampara WLS     PDF
6 Chilika (Nalaban) WLS     PDF
7 Debrigarh WLS     PDF
8 Gahirmatha (Marine) WLS     PDF
9 Hadgarh WLS PDF
10 Kapilash WLS PDF
11 Karlapat WLS     PDF
12 Khalasuni WLS     PDF
13 Kotagarh WLS     PDF
14 Kuldiha WLS     PDF
15 Lakhari Valley WLS     PDF
16 Nandankanan WLS     PDF
17 Satkosia Gorge WLS PDF
18 Simlipal WLS     PDF
19 Sunabeda WLS     PDF