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| Last Updated:: 05/07/2017

Himachal Pradesh

Protected Area Gazette Notification Database (Himachal Pradesh)


National Park


S.No. Name of Protected Area Gazette
1 Great Himalayan NP PDF
2 Inderkilla NP PDF
3 Khirganga NP PDF
4 Pin Valley NP PDF
5 Simbalbara WLS (Now NP) PDF


Wildlife Sanctuary


S.No. Name of Protected Area Gazette
1 Bandli WLS    PDF
2 Chail WLS PDF
3 Chandrataal PDF
4 Churdhar WLS PDF
5 Daranghati WLS PDF-1    PDF-2
6 Darlaghat WLS PDF
7 Dhauladhar WLS PDF
8 Gamgul Siahbehi WLS PDF-1    PDF-2
9 Gobind Sagar WLS PDF
10 Kalatop-Khajjiar WLS PDF
11 Kanawar WLS PDF
12 Khokhan WLS PDF
13 Kias WLS PDF
14 Kibber WLS PDF
15 Kugti WLS PDF
16 Lippa Asrang WLS PDF
17 Majathal WLS PDF
18 Manali WLS PDF
119 Naina Devi WLS PDF
20 Nargu WLS PDF
21 Pong Dam Lake WLS PDF
22 Raksham Chitkul (Sangla) WLS PDF
23 Renuka WLS PDF
24 Rupi Bhaba WLS PDF
25 Sainj WLS PDF
26 Sechu Tuan Nala WLS PDF
27 Shikari Devi WLS PDF
28 Shilli WLS PDF
29 Shimla Water Catchment WLS PDF
30 Talra WLS PDF
31 Tirthan WLS PDF
32 Tundah WLS PDF