Q. Theme and establishment year of WII-ENVIS Centre?
To disseminate information on Wildlife and Protected Areas, Wildlife Institute of India was designated as the 23rd Environmental Information System Centre (ENVIS) with the focal theme "Wildlife and Protected Areas" in September 1997 by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. This Centre deals with general matters concerning "Wildlife" and specifically those related to "Protected Areas".


Q. What is the Mission of WII-ENVIS Centre?
The mission of ENVIS is to support and facilitate the diverse group of stakeholders from policy makers to researchers at national and international level with data and information on wildlife and protected area network.


Q. What are the Aims and Goals of WII-ENVIS Centre?

  • Build up a repository and act as a dissemination centre for information on wildlife sciences.
  • Dissemination of information on wildlife related matters and provide query responses.
  • Provide information for decision-making at the apex level relating to conservation and development.
  • Establish a database on Protected Area Network in India.
  • Promote national and international co-operation through networking and exchange of wildlife related information.


Q. What are the objectives of WII-ENVIS Centre?

  • Build up of information storage, retrieval and dissemination capabilities in subject areas related to  wildlife science
  • Establish linkages with all information sources in wildlife conservation and management in the country and   abroad  for increasing the information content
  • Respond to user queries by supplying substantive information in the form of published reports, documents,  extracts, research papers and other unpublished and analyzed information as far as possible
  • Publish bulletins on thematic focus areas

Q. What facilities are provided by WII-ENVIS Centre in public domain?

  • ENVIS bulletins on different thematic areas.
  • Database on Protected Areas, Species Checklist etc.
  • Protected Area Updates produced by Kalpavriksh, an Environment Action Group.
  • Bibliography database on different thematic areas.
  • Query response on request of users.

Q. What information available on WII-ENVIS website?

  • Selected bibliographic references on Protected Areas.
  • Database on National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Tiger Reserves of India.
  • Protected Area Updates (digest of news and information from protected areas in India and South Asia), produced by Kalpavriksh, an environment action group.