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| Last Updated:: 26/09/2018

Biodiversity Heritage Sites

“Biodiversity Heritage Sites” (BHS) are well defined areas that are unique, ecologically fragile ecosystems - terrestrial, coastal and inland waters and, marine  having rich biodiversity comprising of any one or more of the following components: richness of wild as well as domesticated species or intra-specific categories, high endemism, presence of rare and threatened species, keystone species, species of evolutionary significance, wild ancestors of domestic/ cultivated species or their varieties, past pre-eminence of biological components represented by fossil beds and having significant cultural, ethical or aesthetic values and are important for the maintenance of cultural diversity, with or without a long history of human association with them. (Source: NBA, India) more...



List of Biodiversity Heritage Sites (As on September, 2018)


S. No. Name of the Site Name of the District  Taluk  Area  Importance of the area  Government Notification 
1 Nallur Tamarind Grove Bengaluru Devanahalli 54 acres It is popularly believed to be a relic of the Chola Dynasty that ruled nearly 800 years ago, is spectacle of awesome wonder and a freakish site. This BHS spread over 54 acres comprising a population of nearly 300 trees, is a picture of dynamic pattern of plant diversity. The significant component of this popular structure is a group of old plants standing like ageless sentinels, firmly rooted to the ground with their gigantic trunks, along with large picturesque crowns spread very high and aloft like open wings. Aaapaji 154 
2 Hogrekan Chikmagalur Kadur 2508.15 acres The area has unique Shola vegetation and grass land with number of floral species which are unique and having lot of medicinal value. Hogrekan is moderately wooded land and its vegetation is of dry deciduous type and has a link with Bababudanagiri and Kemmangundi, adjoining Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Yemmedode Tiger Reserve and serving as "Wildlife Corridor" between Kudremukha and Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. No.FEE.35 ENV 2009 dated 4.9.2010
3 University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK Campus, Bengaluru Bengaluru   167 hectares The GKVK campus is considered one of the greenest areas in Bengaluru. Biological diversity of this campus constitutes a critical repository of various forms of flora and fauna (including 13 sp of mammals, 10 sp of reptiles, 165 sp of birds and 530 sp of plants) which needs to be protected nurtured to posterity. No.FEE.132 ENV 2009 dated 2.9.2010
4 Ambaraguda Shimoga   3857.12 hectares It is a revenue land located between Sharavathi Wild Life Sanctuary and Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. It has Shola vegetation which is primitive vegetation in the Western Ghat and also has grasslands. 2011
5 Glory of Allapalli Gadchiroli   6 hectares It is a reserved forest being preserved as natural forest having biological, ethinical and historical values. No.WLP.0914/C.R.317/M-1 dated 15th July 2014
6 Tonglu BHS under the Darjeeling Forest Division Darjeeling   230 hectares It is a Medicinal Plant Conservation Areas No.716-ENT/T-11-7/003-ii/2003 dated 20th March, 2015
7 Dhotrey BHS under the Darjeeling Forest Division Darjeeling   180 hectares It is a Medicinal Plant Conservation Areas No.716-ENT/T-11-7/003-ii/2003 dated 20th March, 2015
8 Dialong Village Tamenglong   11.35 --- No.24/3/2017-For &ENVT dt. 23rd May, 2017
9 Ameenpur lake Sangareddy Ameenpur --- --- 449/EFS&T (FOR.II) Department, dated 21.11.2016
10 Majuli
Majuli --- 875 It is an island situated in the Brahmaputra River which is harboring unique Ecological and Cultural Heritage. FRW 57/2005/Vol.II/14 dated 29th March, 2017
11 Ghariyal Rehabilitation Centre Lucknow Kukrail Reserve Forest 10 Hectares It is a centre established for conservation and rehabilitation of critically endangered species of Gharial. 1348/XVI-5-2016-15/2016 dated 11th August, 2016
12 Chilkigarh Kanak Durga Jhargram Chilkigarh 55.9 Acres (Perimeter Of 1,969 Meters) Chilkigarh Kanak Durga Sacred Grove is a remnant forest with traditional beliefs and taboos of local inhabitants and rich in biodiversity covering an area of 55.9 acres in Jhargram District of West Bengal. No. 926/EN/T-II-7/003-II/2003 dt 16th April 2018