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| Last Updated:: 10/07/2015

Tamil Nadu

Protected Area Gazette Notification Database (Tamil Nadu)


S.No. Name of Protected Area Gazette
 1 Cauvery North Sanctuary PDF
2 Chitrangudi WLS PDF 
3 Gangaikondam Spotted Deer WLS PDF
4 Guindy NP PDF 
5 Gulf of Mannar Marine NP  PDF 
6 Indira Gandhi (Annamalai) NP   PDF 
7 Indira Gandhi (Annamalai) WLS PDF 
8 Kalakad WLS   PDF 
9 Kanjirankulam WLS   PDF 
10 Kanyakumari WLS   PDF 
11 Karaivetti WLS  PDF 
12 Karikili WLS   PDF 
13 Kilaselvanur-Melaselvanur WLS PDF 
14 Kuthankulam-Kadankulam WLS  PDF 
15 Mudumalai NP   PDF 
16 Mukurthi NP PDF 
17 Nellai WLS PDF
18 Oussudu Lake Bird Sanctuary PDF
19 Point Calimere WLS  PDF 
20 Pulicat Lake WLS PDF 
21 Satyamangalam WLS  PDF 
22 Srivilliputhur (Giant Squirrel) WLS PDF 
23 Udayamarthandapuram Lake WLS  PDF 
24 Vaduvoor WLS   PDF 
25 Vedanthangal WLS  PDF 
26 Vellanadu WLS  PDF 
27 Vellode WLS   PDF 
28 Vettangudi WLS  PDF