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| Last Updated:: 17/08/2015


Protected Area Gazette Notification Database (Maharashtra)


S.No. Name of Protected Area Gazette
1 Amba Barwa WLS          PDF
2 Andhari WLS     PDF
3 Aner Dam WLS     PDF
4 Bhamragarh WLS     PDF
5 Bhimashankar WLS     PDF
6 Bor WLS     PDF
7 Chandoli NP  PDF
8 Chaprala WLS PDF
9 Deolgaon-Rehkuri WLS    PDF
10 Dhyanganga WLS     PDF
11 Gautala WLS       PDF
12 Great Indian Bustard WLS   PDF
13 Gugamal NP     PDF
14 Jaikwadi WLS  PDF
15 Kalsubai WLS     PDF
16 Karanjasohol WLS     PDF
17 Karnala WLS     PDF
18 Katepurna WLS  PDF
19 Koyana WLS     PDF
20 Lonar WLS     PDF
21 Marine (Malvan) WLS     PDF
22 Mayureswar Supe WLS    PDF
23 Melghat WLS     PDF
24 Nagzira WLS     PDF
25 Naigaon Mayur WLS     PDF
26 Nandur Madhameshwar WLS               PDF
27 Narnala WLS  PDF
28 Nawegaon NP    PDF
29 Painganga WLS    PDF
30 Pench NP PDF
31 Phansad WLS   PDF
32 Radhanagari WLS     PDF
33 Sagareshwar WLS PDF
34 Sanjay Gandhi (Borivilli) NP PDF
35 Tadoba NP  PDF
36 Tansa WLS PDF
37 Thane Creek Flamingo WLS PDF
38 Tipeshwar WLS  PDF
39 Tungareshwar WLS PDF
40 Wan WLS     PDF
41 Yawal WLS     PDF
42 Yedsi Ramlinghat WLS PDF