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| Last Updated:: 05/05/2016

Madhya Pradesh

Protected Area Gazette Notification Database (Madhya Pradesh)


S.No. Name of Protected Area Gazette
1 Bagdara WLS    


(Gazette Notification of all 34 PAs of Madhya Pradesh State are in single pdf file)

2 Bandhavgarh NP
3 Bori WLS
4 Fossil NP
5 Gandhi Sagar WLS
6 Ghatigaon WLS
7 Kanha NP
8 Karera WLS
9 Ken Gharial WLS
10 Kheoni WLS
11 Madhav NP   
12 Narsinghgarh WLS
13 National Chambal WLS
14 Noradehi WLS
15 Orcha WLS
16 Pachmarhi WLS
17 Palpur-Kuno WLS
18 Panna (Gangau) WLS
19 Panna NP
20 Panpatha WLS
21 Pench (Priyadarshini) NP 
22 Pench WLS
23 Phen WLS
24 Ralamandal WLS
25 Ratapani WLS
26 Sailana WLS
27 Sanjay Dubri WLS
28 Sanjay NP
29 Sardarpur WLS
30 Satpura NP
31 Singhori WLS
32 Son Gharial WLS
33 Van Vihar NP
34 Veerangna Durgawati WLS