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| Last Updated:: 20/01/2012

Jammu & Kashmir

Protected Area Gazette Notification Database (Jammu & Kashmir)


S.No. Name of Protected Area Gazette
1 Baltal-Thajwas WLS PDF
2 Changthang WLS PDF
3 City Forest (Salim Ali) NP PDF
4 Dachigam NP PDF
5 Gulmarg WLS PDF
6 Hemis NP PDF
7 Hirapora WLS PDF
8 Jasrota WLS PDF
9 Karakoram (Nubra Shyok) WLS PDF
10 Kishtwar NP PDF
11 Lachipora WLS PDF
12 Limber WLS PDF
13 Nandini WLS PDF
14 Overa-Aru WLS PDF
15 Rajparian (Daksum) WLS PDF
16 Ramnagar Rakha WLS PDF
17 Surinsar Mansar WLS PDF
18 Trikuta WLS PDF