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| Last Updated:: 20/01/2012


Protected Area Gazette Notification Database (Gujarat)


S.No. Name of Protected Area Gazette
1 Balaram Ambaji WLS     PDF
2 Bansda  NP PDF
3 Barda WLS     PDF
4 Blackbuck NP     PDF
5 Gaga Great Indian Bustard WLS     PDF
6 Gir NP  PDF
7 Gir WLS   PDF
8 Girnar WLS    PDF
9 Hingolgadh Nature Reserve WLS     PDF
10 Jambugodha WLS   PDF
11 Jessore WLS     PDF
12 Kachchh Desert WLS PDF
13 Khijadiya WLS PDF
14 Lala Great Indian Bustard WLS PDF
15 Marine (Gulf of Kachchh) NP     PDF
16 Marine (Gulf of Kachchh) WLS PDF
17 Mitiyala WLS     PDF
18 Nal Sarovar WLS PDF
19 Narayan Sarovar WLS PDF
20 Paniya WLS     PDF
21 Porbandar Lake WLS     PDF
22 Purna WLS     PDF
23 Rampura Vidi WLS PDF
24 Ratanmahal WLS     PDF
25 Shoolpaneswar (Dhumkhal) WLS     PDF
26 Thol Lake WLS     PDF
27 Wild Ass WLS     PDF